Texas Hold'em is the world's most popular game being played. But at times gets boring waiting for that perfect or even decent hole cards.  But what if you can trade one of your hole cards for another? That would give the player Better Odds to make a stronger starting hand. Also meaning More Hands Played per hour. Bigger Pots because more players are in the hand and Lots of Action to keep the game going and excited.


In Texas Hold'em each player is dealt only two hole cards, limiting the number of possibilities of winning hands. Other poker games came along  such as "Pineapple" and "Tahoe" poker, in which players are dealt three hole cards sequentially. However  Platinum Hold'em provides a unique, but simple sequence of dealing, betting, and discarding, addressing a number of issues with previous poker games. Platinum Hold'em creates more strategy and possibilities for a player to win, resulting in a new, enjoyable game.


Platinum Hold'em

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